Keep Lake Washington Boulevard Open

Keep Lake Washington Boulevard open to walking, biking, and rolling!

UPDATE: 2/12/21

The Mt Baker Park to Genesee Park section will re-open to people for walking, biking, rolling, running, skating, and playing Monday 2/15 to Sunday 2/21 and Friday 4/9 to Sunday 4/18. For more details see SDOT’s webpage.

This summer, the City of Seattle opened Lake Washington Boulevard to people walking, biking, running, and playing, as well as local access for vehicles. These “Stay Healthy Streets” and “Keep Moving Streets” have been a lifeline for safe and socially-distant recreation. They’ve been a crucial commuting link for people-powered transportation. They have also dramatically increased public access to green spaces and lakefront views in a time when most parks, gyms, and community centers have been closed.

This program was so popular that the Lake Washington Boulevard Keep Moving Street was extended from the original end date of September 8th until October 5th. Weekend after weekend, enthusiasm for this new urban park continues to build.

But now, SDOT has announced that Lake Washington Boulevard will revert to vehicle traffic, starting Monday October 5, 2020. This is your chance to contact the City and let them know how important it is to keep Lake Washington Boulevard open to community recreation during the pandemic. ACT NOW by signing the petition.

We are asking the City to:

Keep Lake Washington Boulevard (LWB) open on weekends: SDOT should keep the street open to people walking, biking, rolling, running, and local vehicular access on weekends (when it has been most popular) throughout the winter and spring.

Open up parking lots to increase access: The Parks Department should reopen their parking lots along Lake Washington Boulevard so that more people who live farther away from the park and boulevard can have access. With the street open, there is plenty of space for safe social distancing.

Run an equitable and robust engagement process: SDOT and the Department of Neighborhoods should use this winter to conduct an inclusive and equitable community process that invites community members in SE Seattle to co-create long-term improvements for Lake Washington Boulevard.

Thanks for letting the City of Seattle know where you stand on this important issue! 

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By signing the petition, we will continue to advocate on your behalf for retaining this Stay Healthy Street!