Stay Healthy Street Stories

New in 2020

Have you been seeing Stay Healthy Streets signs around your neighborhood? These are usually as simple as a “closed street” sign, an orange cone, and a blue sign, letting folks know that the street is closed to regular through-traffic, but OPEN for people to walk, bike, roll, and skate in. With ideas and encouragement from our grassroots advocacy organization, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the city of Seattle began implementing Stay Healthy Streets in neighborhoods across the city, in April 2020.

  • Aurora-Licton Springs [map]
  • Ballard [map]
  • Beacon Hill North [map]
  • Beacon Hill South [map]
  • Bell Street between 1st and 5th avenues
  • Central Area [map]
  • Delridge/Highland Park [map]
  • Golden Gardens [map]
  • Greenwood [map]
  • Lake City Way 27th Ave NE [map]
  • Lake City Way 37th Ave NE [map]
  • Mt. Baker/Colombia City/Hillman City [map]
  • Othello/Rainier Beach [map]
  • Wallingford [map]
  • West Seattle/High Point [map]

Keep Moving Streets at Seattle's Park

1st Ave NW Stay Healthy Street

This Stay Healthy Street in the Greenwood neighborhood, is incredibly popular, with neighbors and cross-town bike riders alike: Did another ride today up to Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline, including the 1st Ave NW Stay Healthy Street. Someone made a yard sign cheering people on!

Alki Point Keep Moving Street

Alki neighbors surrounding this Keep Moving Street are so enthusiastic about it, they made a fabulous video with the resounding message: Make it permanent!

They also generated this petition.

Ways to get Involved

Take the Survey

Do you use a Stay Healthy Street?
Tell the City how you feel about the Stay Healthy Streets, how they can be improved, where you’d like to see more of them, and whether any of them should be permanent. This link leads you directly to the City’s official survey — and no worries, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to fill out!

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